Thursday, August 4, 2016

Food Trucks on Fifth Review: Sweet Chili

Starved for some new lunch options in Midtown? We have just the thing for you: Food Trucks on Fifth. Continuing through September 2, Food Trucks on Fifth brings the city’s best trucks to the Fifth Avenue Terrace outside the NYPL on a rotating schedule each week. We’ve got something for everyone, from cheesesteaks to empanadas to vegan donuts. Stay tuned for more reviews coming up on the Blog.

Sweet Chili, a “thaietnamese” truck, is owned and run by Top Chef Season 4 finalist Lisa Fernandes. Every dish on the menu tells a story – for instance, the miso glaze used on her tofu is the sauce that won her a challenge in Top Chef. 

A smiling chili pepper looks on as Chef Lisa takes orders.

The menu is customizable, allowing you to choose your protein and then a side salad to finish off the platter.

We tried out the Heavenly Beef with Bean Sprout Salad as well as the Honey Chili Pork with Green Mango Salad, both served over a heaping serving of rice. We could pick our favorite of the two because both were delicious – the perfect amount of spice, and a great deal for only $10 per platter. Chef Lisa uses a traditional Thai technique to cook beef, and it tasted better than any run-of-the-mill Thai beef you might find elsewhere. The bean sprouts added a refreshing crunch to the beef's heat. Meanwhile, the perfectly charred pork was a yin-yang of crispy and unctuous, and the papaya salad once again supplied a refreshing crunch.

Honey Chili Pork with Mango Salad
Heavenly Beef with Been Sprout Salad

We couldn't decide which meal we liked better, so you'll have to try both and decide for yourself!

Stay tuned to the Blog for more reviews of Food Trucks on Fifth.

11am – 3pm daily
Fifth Avenue Terrace, south side

Mondays: Phil's Steaks
Tuesdays: Snowday
Wednesdays: Sweet Chili
Thursdays: Empanada Sonata
Fridays: Cinnamon Snail (8am - 3pm)
Fridays: Snowy's NYC (4pm - 8pm)

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