Friday, August 12, 2016

Food Trucks on Fifth Review: Empanada Sonata

Starved for some new lunch options in Midtown? We have just the thing for you: Food Trucks on Fifth. Continuing through September 2, Food Trucks on Fifth brings the city’s best trucks to the Fifth Avenue Terrace outside the NYPL on a rotating schedule each week. We’ve got something for everyone, from cheesesteaks to empanadas to vegan donuts. Stay tuned for more reviews coming up on the Blog.

On Thursdays, the park will be filled with the percussive sounds of teeth crunching through crispy dough: Empanada Sonata takes residence on the Fifth Avenue Terrace as part of the Food Trucks on Fifth program. Serving up a lengthy selection of savory empanadas, the truck always has at least a few sweet empanadas on the menu as well.

Two customers ponder the endless pairings of empanadas and sauces.
Each week, Chef Marlyse McAdam experiments with a new special. This particular day, this was Thai Coconut Chicken (with her suggestion of a spicy chili dipping sauce on the side). It was delicious, like taking an authentic Thai curry and wrapping it in crispy fried dough. Paired with her suggested sauce, the sweetness of the coconut milk and the tang of the chili sauce came together to make a fantastic dish.

This Thai Coconut Curry empanada got a fantastic view of Broadway in Bryant Park.
Next, was a classic: a beef empanada. Not only was this thing packed full of ground beef, it had olives, onions, and everything else you'd expect. The dough was fried perfectly, not too thin and not too thick.

This Classic Beef empanada is bursting at the seams.
Stay tuned to the Blog for more reviews of Food Trucks on Fifth.

11am – 3pm daily
Fifth Avenue Terrace, south side
Mondays: Phil's Steaks
Tuesdays: Snowday
Wednesdays: Sweet Chili
Thursdays: Empanada Sonata
Fridays: Cinnamon Snail (8am - 3pm)
Fridays: Snowy's NYC (4pm - 8pm)

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