Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Asiatic Lillies Populate Garden Beds

Late June is one of the most stunning times of year at the park, because that's when our Asiatic Algarve Lillies bloom. The stems, which can reach shoulder height, are crowned with a cluster of creamy pink lillies. Some of the stems are so elegantly adorned that they are staked for support. 
Summer colors emerge from the northern garden beds. 

Hollyhocks reach for the sun among the lillies, and will be the next to bloom. 
The garden beds on the southern side are equally beautiful, and quite different from the northern beds. The southern gardens' shade encourages a complimentary, not identical, color palate with dark greens and pearly whites.

The southern beds' dappled sunlight is reflected in the
alternating dark and light colors of the plantings. 

Come enjoy the last several days of these beautiful pink lillies! If you're not able to catch them before their season is over, good news: the next lillies to bloom will be stunning bright white Casablanca Lillies, so you're not too late to enjoy lily season at Bryant Park!

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