Thursday, May 12, 2016

Chairs to Spare

The weather has made a definitive turn from April showers to May sunshine, which means that our lunch crowds are growing by the day. Just in time, we received a large shipment of our iconic bistro chairs and tables to supplement our existing stock of approximately 4,000 chairs and 1,000 tables already in the park. Getting a seat at Midtown's most popular lunch destination just got a little easier.

You'll start noticing the brand-new chairs in the park, as they are unboxed by the sanitation crew over the next several days. Then, the chairs will make their way across the allees in the typical migration pattern of movable seating.

Be on the lookout for the new chairs. Or, embrace the patina of our older chairs, which have many stories to tell of past games of Musical Chairs, repairs, relationships that started in the park, 125th birthdays, and more. Sit down and ask!

This entire truck was filled with boxed furniture.

A crew of ten Bryant Park workers unloaded the hundreds of boxes this morning.
Boxed chairs are stacked neatly and await unpacking.

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