Tuesday, May 31, 2016

24 More Opportunities to Recycle

Blog readers know by now that spring is a season of busy preparation in the park. Chairs are delivered, the lawn is carefully installed, and bulbs are planted, among many other things. Last week, 24 more opportunities to recycle were delivered to the park as well, in the form of brand new recycling cans. These cans will supplement our existing recycling can census, and help keep the park cleaner and greener than ever before. 

The new cans bring even more colors of green to the park. Here they are on the 40th Street allee, awaiting placement throughout the park. 
The bright green cans are for paper, the olive green are our normal trash cans, and the blue cans are for bottles.

Next time you eat lunch in the park, be sure to visit these recycling cans on your way out!

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