Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Too-Pretty Tulips Accessorize Plant Beds

Late April means we're in the throes of tulip season at the park. For several weeks, Tulipa of various hues and species explode from plant beds in waves. Here are some glamour shots of the reds, whites, and purples that are gracing the park.

These beauties popped up by the Bryant Park Grill

This color is very similar to Pantone's color of the year, "Rose Quartz." 

This hot pink tulip was spotted near the William Earl Dodge monument by the Reading Room

White tulips appear like snowballs in the northern plant bed. 

These fiery tulips pop against their green background. 

Tulip season falls neatly between daffodil season (the first of our bulbs to bloom in the season) and lily season, which will occur later in May. 

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