Thursday, April 14, 2016

Something to Celebrate this Tax Day

Tax Day is right around the corner. When sending out checks to the IRS, it can be a comfort to think of all the places your tax dollars go, from reinforcing bridges to feeding the hungry. If you think they go towards supporting all your favorite events and classes at Bryant Park, though, you'd be wrong.

Daffodils in the park, a sure sign that Tax Day is approaching.
Bryant Park receives no tax money from the city, state or federal government. This is good for the city,which benefits from the added property value of buildings around the park, but does not have to pay for the park's maintenance or programming. It's also good for other parks, away from which Bryant Park doesn't divert any funds or resources. And, it's better for Bryant Park, since it gets more money and staff attention than it would if the city were balancing its needs against the needs of other parks. 
Everything, from our spring plantings to our bistro chairs, is funded privately.
Finally, it's good for you, since Bryant Park's budget is independent of any government budget. If the next mayor, governor or president decides to cut funding to parks or public spaces, we can continue to provide the same quality sanitation, safety and programs that we provide today. This means there's no way Bryant Park will return to the disarray of the 70s on our watch.

If you find your wallet a little thinner after tax day, April 18, remember that all of Bryant Park's events are free to the public. If you're looking for a fitness class, film, or Shakespeare play to attend, check our calendar first.

So this Tax Day sit back, relax, and enjoy the sunshine in Bryant Park - it's free, in more ways than one!

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