Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hot off the Presses: Bryant Park Events Brochures Arrive

Splashes of color are blooming throughout the park as our daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips poke their heads out of the ground. You'll notice a new pop of color over the course of the next several days: our events brochures! 
They'll be available to peruse at your pleasure in any of our brochure racks throughout the park. You can also access the brochures online through our website
Inside, you'll see all the programs we've been busy organizing during the cold winter months. At Bryant Park, just like a daffodil bulb, there is lots of work going on, even in the dead of winter! You'll notice improvements to many existing programs, and entirely new ones. Bryant Park Presents, the park's new venue for arts and culture performances and events, has already gotten a lot of buzz.
We're sure you're already looking forward to warmer days ahead, and hope that you're marking your calendar to spend them with us!   

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