Friday, April 29, 2016

Celebrate International Tabletop Day at Bryant Park Games

Ray Chin, one of our Games Hosts from last year, will return this year as a facilitator at various Bryant Park Game Socials. In this post, Ray tells us about his favorite tabletop games available for play at the park. 

International Tabletop Day is this Saturday, April 30th. We have been counting down the days and we can't be more excited to participate this year! It is a global event celebrating the board game hobby and the board game community. So whether you are looking to try and learn new games or whether you are a Catan veteran looking for new competition, we welcome all gamers for a full day of gaming at Bryant Park!

We have over 50 board games featured at the games cart, including 12 games new this year. We have classics like Jenga, Checkers, Connect 4 and Monopoly along with some great games that may not have been on your radar.  Here are some of our favorite games that you will see us playing in International Tabletop Day and some games we know you will love.

Settlers of Catan
"Catan," as insiders call it, is a classic Euro game and it is the perfect gateway game to the board game hobby. The conceit of the game is that players are settlers on a new island who have to fight for land and resources to build their settlements and cities first.  It is a fun strategy game that is very easy to learn. Catan was one of the most popular games in Bryant Park last year. Look out for Catan socials (every Wednesday 6–8pm) this year!

Join Ray at the Settlers of Catan Socials every Wednesday.
Rolling America
Rolling America is a fun puzzle game that is great with 1-99 players!  Players roll 6 die every round, two at a time and place those numbers on a map of the United States. The twist is that bordering states can not have numbers with a difference greater than 1. We recently got our all time low score of 8 (the lower the score the better). Can you beat it?

Set is a very simple card matching game that is fun for the whole family.  Every card has a number, color, shape and shade.  To get a set, players need to find 3 cards that either have all the same or all different numbers, color, shape and shade. Players need to move quickly to make sets before their opponents do!

Connect 4 is an absolute classic and Pentago puts an interesting twist to that game. Players connect five colored marbles, but the board changes every turn--so strategy and planning ahead are important. This is a challenging game for two, so grab a friend!

No Thanks!
No Thanks is another very simple, fast, easy to learn card game and this game surprisingly requires a lot of strategy. There is a deck of cards with numbers from 3 through 35.  Every turn, a card is flipped faced up--players can either take that card or spend some precious chips to say no thanks and pass that choice to the next player. The goal is to get the lowest score possible in this game so the decision to take a card that adds points or to pass can a be difficult decision.

We would love you hear what some of your favorite board games are in the comment section below or on Twitter @bryantparknyc.  We hope to see you at Bryant Park for International Tabletop Day!

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