Thursday, February 11, 2016

Eat Your Way Through the Bryant Park Neighborhood

We have wonderful food inside and abutting the park. Did you know that the neighborhood surrounding the park is a food destination in its own right?

Over the years, we've been reporting on local food right here on the Bryant Park Blog. Devoted readers might notice that a new button has appeared on the right hand side. Click on Food at the Park for an index of all the food posts we've written over the years. The link is live, so will be automatically updated whenever we eat more!

This beautiful dish is from a happy hour at Celsius. Read the full review, and more, on the blog. 

A food blog called The Infatuation published a roundup of all the great places to eat at Bryant Park and in the surrounding environs. As you might expect, Breads Bakery and Maison Kayser got special mentions. With a spate of new restaurants opening in our area, its no wonder that the publication focused on our neighborhood as the next hot food spot.

Inspired by the The Infatuation's roundup, here are some other indexes of places to eat around Bryant Park.
We'll see you for lunch soon!

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