Friday, February 19, 2016

A Warming Winter Lunch at Breads Bakery

In case you haven't noticed, it's cold outside! When the temperatures drop, high-tail it to Breads Bakery for some warm soup and comforting carbohydrates. The popular eatery just opened a new branch on the Upper West side, at 63rd and Broadway, but you can enjoy them right in Bryant Park at their Heiskell Plaza kiosk.

A variety of seasonal salads await the lunchtime patron at Breads' Bryant Park kiosk. 
Breads switches up their sandwiches based on what's seasonally available, so you know you're getting something fresh. A longtime favorite, the smoked salmon sandwich on a puffy roll, is not in season right now--alas! Instead, we went with a classic mozzarella, tomato and basil on some delicious crusty bread. 
Almost too pretty to eat.

The bread itself was the centerpiece, which is unsurprising for a bakery. It was chewy without being dense, and the dough was sour and flavorful. The tomatoes were bright and sweet, and the homemade pesto spread on the roll was a nice take on the traditional basil-and-tomato pairing.
Breads usually has a soup-of-the day on tap (on ladle?) in the kiosk. Today's was a hearty mixed vegetable, packed with chunks of potato, celery, carrot and onion, and seasoned with fresh dill, parsley and ground turmeric. It arrived steaming in a lidded cup that could easily be carried back to the office.

We topped it all off with a chocolate croissant, because it's winter and there is no such thing as self control when it comes to sweets from Breads. Usually their babka gets all the attention, but their other pastries are not to be overlooked. If you're full, you can save the croissant for the next morning's breakfast. It's worth the wait -  the crust was flaky and the chocolate inside was scrumptious. 
All in all, it was quite the lunch. It will more than tide us over until that salmon sandwich returns!

The whole spread, posed for a picture before it was devoured.
Breads Bakery
Heiskell Plaza
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