Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Meet the Winter Village All-Stars: Gessy's Story

Meet our Winter Village All Stars, young New Yorkers who have been honored by Bank of America Winter Village for giving back to their communities. Each All Star was nominated by an adult in their life and 10 finalists were chosen. Today we highlight one of our noteworthy young All Stars!

A 12-year old from the Bronx, Gessy Sierra, gives back to her neighborhood through her love of music--singing in GOAL’s chorus where she has performed for veterans, mentally handicapped and formerly homeless members of the community.

Winter Village All-Star Gessy.

1. What is your favorite wintertime activity?

My family and I like to watch movies and watch Disney movies late at night.

2. What is your favorite wintertime snack?
Hot chocolate with graham crackers.

3. Describe your community service activity in three sentences.
I practice singing in GOAL's chorus every week, so that I can sing for the less fortunate in events like "Services for the Under-served." I love giving back to my community. I find doing community service to be helpful, fun and heart warming.

4. Why do you enjoy your community service?
I enjoy my community service because what I am doing helps people and makes them happy, which brings me joy.

5. What would your superpower be?
To bring love and happiness to everyone.

6. Pick 3 words that describe you.

Creative, loving, funny.
Thank you for your service, Gessy!

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