Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Dust Off Your Instagram Filters, It's Frozen Fountain Time!

This week's plummeting temperatures means that it is finally cold enough to talk about our Frozen Fountain contest. You'll remember that our Josephine Shaw Lowell Fountain has frozen over spectacularly in previous years (and quite famously, last year).

The contest goes like this: after the Fountain has frozen, Instagram your most artistic photo of the icy Fountain with the hashtag #bpfrozenfountain. The person with the best photograph of the Fountain will win a Winter Village prize.*

Be warned, a ring of icicles around the Fountain's top bowl isn't "frozen" enough for us. We want you to capture the Fountain at its iciest--we're talking a wall of icicles from bowl to basin. Luckily, you can submit more than one Instagram photo for consideration, so you can post day after day as the Fountain continues to encase itself in ice.

Don't forget to check out the hashtag #bpfrozenfountain on Instagram to check out your competition!

This photo was from last year's freeze. Just an icicle or two won't qualify as "frozen" for us.
We'll be peeping your photos and keeping an eye on the Fountain's frozen progress, and we should be able to pick a winner (if our current cold snap continues) in just a few days. But if temperatures rise, you have plenty of time to take some practice shots before the Fountain freezes again!

Happy Instagramming!

*Contest open to residents of Continental U.S. only. Winner and runner-up will be chosen by park staff. Winners will be notified via Instagram. 

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