Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Shop the Season: Resolution Solutions

Rachel Z from the executive office shows us her favorite picks from the Holiday Shops at Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park.

Each year I find myself making resolutions in December and January, and breaking them by February. It's just so easy to revert to old habits! Since I've finished all my gifting for the year, it's time to turn the lens back on myself. What purchases can I make to sustain this year's resolutions into the spring?

Resolution: Be more timely.
Solution: Get a watch that is both stylish and functional at Mistura Timepieces (Kiosk L6.) It will be easy to run early, rather than late, when looking at your wrist is such a joy.

The watches at Mistura look unlike any I've ever seen. They are sure to bring compliments.

Resolution: Don't leave dirty dishes in the sink.
Solution: Swedish dishcloths from Three Bluebirds (Kiosk H6), which are absorbent and eco-friendly, too! Instead of buying paper towels rolls by the thousands, you can buy a pack of these dishcloths and be set for months. Bonus: they are adorable.

The cloths are reusable, and can hold up to 15x their weight in liquid. 
Resolution: Make more time for self-care.
Solution: Decadent body butter from Hudson Apothecary (Kiosk B6). Especially with cold, dry winter air and harsh heating systems, the skin on my hands takes a beating. I can stash one of these in my desk to solve the problem.

The lotion is available in many different scents. I was partial to "linen."

Here's to a 2016 that is timelier, cleaner and more pampered. Hopefully I can make it past February.
Holiday Shops at Bank of America Winter Village
Weekdays, 11am - 8pm
Saturdays, 10am - 9pm
Sundays, 10am - 6pm

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