Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Shop the Season: Ornament Adornment

Sara N. from the executive office really likes Christmas ornaments. She scopes out Bank of America Winter Village Holiday Shops for the best tree baubles.

My family has a tradition of exchanging Christmas ornaments as stocking stuffers. We try to match the recipient’s hobbies, accomplishments or aesthetic tastes. Naturally, Bank of America’s Winter Village is an ideal place to source unique tree d├ęcor for every giftee—including myself.

During Thanksgiving weekend, my sister enthusiastically binged on “Dance Moms,” a TV show about a hard-charging youth dance studio in Pittsburgh—and the catty stage mothers. Ironically, my sister is an adult woman who lives in Colorado and spends her free time hiking in the mountains; she’s probably not the show’s target demographic. As a nod toward her newfound obsession, I purchased a beribboned dancer ($13.99) from It’s Always Christmas In The City (kiosk L13). This shop is the most obvious source of evergreen adornment; it is huge and the selection is broad.

I hope my sister enjoys her ornaments!

When I was a child, my dad often threw sleeping bags in the back of the car for an impromptu camping expedition. I recall those trips fondly; consequently, I chose a tent-themed ornament ($13.99) and had it personalized with our family’s name.

I love clustering potted plants on the windowsills of my apartment. Unfortunately, my cat nibbles the leaves.  The Garden of Curiosity (kiosk K4) offers an unexpected solution to this problem—tiny air plants (specifically, tillandsia caput-medusae) potted upside-down and strung up on a fishing line (large one, $20). Odd yet delightful, and it’ll certainly bring some greenery to my apartment’s silver tinsel-tree.

An ornament that challenges gravity.

My mother favors delicate baubles that do double-duty hung on the tree and in the kitchen window; for that reason, I selected a mouth-blown orb enclosing a spiky glass design ($39, Artisans of New York, kiosk L3). It reminds me of a “plasma globe” novelty lamp that she had in her classroom when she taught elementary school.

Each globe is different because they're handmade. 

My father once told my mother that he’d gotten her a keepsake ornament as a Christmas gift, and she should search the tree to find it. Mom was expecting something of the Hallmark variety. Instead, it was an opal necklace nestled among the evergreen branches. (Needless to say, she was ecstatic.) If Santa is reading this, he should consider this lovely “ornament” from Jessica DeCarlo Jewelry ($110, kiosk K8). I deserve more than coal this year!

Ornament your tree--or neck--with these baubles. 

Holiday Shops at Bank of America Winter Village
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