Thursday, December 24, 2015

Shop the Season: A-meow-zing Gifts

Kati from the executive office thinks the Bank of America Winter Village Holiday Shops are the cat's pajamas. Check out the kitty-themed gifts she finds. 

The Holiday Shops have something in store for every feline fanatic. You'll find cat-themed everyday items like cat printed clothing and mugs for those who prefer to wear their puss on their sleeve. You'll also find gifts for your furry friends, because at the end of the day... who loves you the most? Your pets, of course.

JapanWave (kiosk L2 for those of you following along) is a virtual cat emporium with delights for every person who finds themselves debilitated by overwhelming cat cuteness.

Hello Kitty's Cousins make an appearance at Winter Village.


These cats happily tumble through life without a care.
For those in the cat wearables game, the Shops do not disappoint. Wear your cats comically large in your cozy onesie from Snooze Shack (located at D4), or elegant and discreet as leopard printed tights from Zohara (near the Library at K14).


You can also tuck your cat love inside your pocket, or into your boots. Dynomighty (F9 by Ping Pong) has a few cat designs, including this prancing pal. Even better, these Mighty Wallets support aspiring artists through the Artist Collective program. 

The wild sock patterns at Bergies Sock Shop (C1 near Southwest Porch) allow you to let your feline freak flag fly. There's a cat personality for everyone.

Best of Pals (D4 near the fountain) is a shop specifically for your pet's accessories. They take these items beyond the utilitarian with creative designs and a dash of irreverence. Every furball has cat scratch fever. Quench their need with these hilarious scratching pads that look like a laptop or a DJ booth (not pictured, stop by to see it!).

Other honorable mentions in the cat crazed category, go to the adorable handmade pottery at Potterylady (H2 near the bathroom), the disco cat lamp at Shangrila River (K7 near the tree), and the eco-friendly Swedish dishcloths at Three Bluebirds (H6, also near the bathroom).

Keep your cat at bay while you knit away.

This cat likes to party.
Good for the environment, even when your cat litter isn't.

Holiday Shops at Bank of America Winter Village
Weekdays, 11am - 8pm
Saturdays, 10am - 9pm
Sundays, 10am - 6pm

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