Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Enjoy Rinkside Dining at Celsius

One of the highlights at Bank of America Winter Village is a meal at Celsius, the glass-enclosed restaurant that provides unparalleled views of The Rink below. The Bryant Park digital media team accepted the hardly difficult task of eating lunch in this iconic setting. Read our thoughts below.

Aside from its commanding view of the Rink, the second story of Celsius offers incredible views of our freshly-lit Christmas Tree, which looks "reach out and touch it" close. 

Thai Beef Satay
Spanish Croquettes 

For starters, we ordered the Thai Beef Satay and Spanish Croquettes for the table. The satay hit all the sweet, salty, sour, and spicy notes that you'd expect of proper Thai food, with perfectly medium steak complimented by a crunchy vegetable slaw. The croquettes were filled with rich bechamel, potato, and chorizo.

Celsius fries: a yearly tradition. 
We remembered that in past years, Celsius' side of fries had been fantastic and we kicked ourselves for only ordering one. This year, we corrected our mistake and ordered two. Sharing is never a bad idea.  

Hangar Steak Salad
Maureen: I ordered the Hangar Steak Salad because there are plenty of opportunities to eat poorly during the holidays, so I wanted to order something sensible. Just like the satay, the beef was perfectly medium (which I love). Spicy arugula and salty parmesan, fresh heirloom tomatoes, and roasted potatoes made this salad feel indulgent.  

Short Rib Pappardelle 
Pan Seared Salmon 
Izzie: I’ve always had an unhealthy obsession with pasta, so the Short Rib Pappardelle seemed like the perfect fit for me. The pasta was perfectly al dente and the meat was so tender it fell apart with each bite, exactly like short ribs are supposed to. All in all, the dish wasn’t too heavy, but left me feeling full and satisfied. 

Rachel: I chose the salmon because, as a native New Englander, I grew up eating lots of seafood. I’m always on the lookout for new fish recipes, and this dish is one I may try to replicate at home. The fish was very fresh, and the flavor was a little smokey/umami. It made me think there had been soy or teriyaki sauce in the marinade. The presentation was also very pretty. The colors – green, burnt orange, light yellow and light pink—created an autumnal palette. 

Ramen Noodle Soup
Kevin: In general I’m a big ramen fan, and I find myself constantly scoping out new ramen places. When I saw that Celsius had ramen, I knew I had to try it. The chicken, pak choi, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, cilantro, green onions and egg all worked so well together and really complemented the noodles. The dashi broth, flavored with a little sriracha, was a nice remedy to a cold day. I was excited to find out that they also have a vegetarian version with shitake mushroom broth so I can force my veggie roommate to come with me next time!

Mushroom Cavatelli
Tricia: I chose the Mushroom Cavatelli as after an evening of burning calories at our Tree Lighting, I was in the mood for carbs. The dish was as terrific as it looks above, with pasta cooked perfectly al dente, tasty chanterelles, black pepper cream, and a topping of sorrel salad and shaved gouda. Sound rich? I totally had room for dessert, the ingredients were so nicely balanced. This is a perfect dish for cold winter days, and to carb up after skating. Or watching skating!

Bartlett Pear Cheesecake 
Molten Chocolate Cake
S'mores Toy Box
We ordered dessert for the table. Our party is primarily chocolate fans, so we ordered both the Molten Chocolate Cake and the S'mores Toy Box. So that we didn't eat exclusively chocolate, we ordered the Bartlett Pear Cheesecake.

The molten chocolate was the platonic ideal of the dessert--warm but not too hot, so the vanilla gelato with real vanilla flecks didn't melt too fast. You can see in the photo just how rich the innards were. The s'mores box is perfect for those who like to play with their food, as the liquid chocolate center layer (sandwiched between a graham cracker crust and toasted marshmallow lid) escapes after the first bite. The cheesecake put a twist on a dessert that can fall flat if just plain. None of us had ever tasted pear cheesecake before, and it certainly won't be the last!

Through March 6
Monday – Friday: 12pm – 10pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11am – 10pm

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