Monday, November 23, 2015

Shop the Season: A Trip to the Saj Mahal

Anne K. takes a trip to Saj Mahal (kiosk L5) for lunch at Bank of America Winter Village Holiday Shops.  

I was admiring the holiday tree (and looking for lunch), when this little food display called out to me from an adjacent kiosk. 
Saj on site with chimney cake teasers in the background.

Actually, the guys working at the kiosk called out to me.  They were giving free samples of chimney cake. Never one to turn down anything made mostly of sugar, I stopped for the chimney cake stayed for the Saj. Saj is a generously topped warm pita. It comes in four varieties:  Original, PBJ, Guaca, and Mediterranean, and all are vegan. Bonus? Yes, bonus. Accidental veganism is the best. Plus, there aren't enough vegan options anywhere, so for real vegans this is great!

I went with the Mediterranean Saj, which has roasted eggplant, chickpeas, tahini sauce, and parsley all over a fluffy, warm pita. As I carried it across the park back to the office to indulge in a desk lunch, two people stopped me to ask where they could get their own slices of chickpea heaven. I directed them to the tree and forged on. 

Saj on a pile of photos of Opera singer Mary Garden, looking very much like 1980s-era Siouxie Siouxie.
I found the best way to eat it was to rip off pieces and fold them taco-style. Have a fork handy for the spillage. There will be spillage. It's delicious though, and very flavorful. I could eat this every day...

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