Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Say Goodbye to the Lawn

It's that time of year, when our programming has largely ended for the summer season. The park is in a period of transition, as jackets and hats reappear to guard their wearers against the chill of fall. We loved Summer 2015, but it is time to bid the wonderful season goodbye.

As such, the final day to enjoy the lawn is Sunday, October 11. After that date the lawn will be removed, the dirt leveled and smoothed, and construction for Bank of America Winter Village will begin. You can watch the entire wonderland being built from the ground up, all 128 Holiday Shops, the NHL-sized ice skating rink, and two-story restaurant Celsius.

Stay tuned here for the announcement of Winter Village opening day and events!

Goodbye, lawn! We'll miss you, but not for lawng.

Bank of America Winter Village

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