Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Introducing Today in Bryant Park Signs

Despite all the events and activities happening daily in the park, sometimes it is hard to know exactly what to expect in the park on any given day. Sure, we post all our events on our website, talk about activities on all of our social media platforms, and place event-specific signs within the park; in addition, guests often stumble upon one of our events while walking through. The fact remains that, if you are in the park without a mobile device or time to walk the whole park, it can be difficult to know what else is in store.

These savvy guests discovered our Today in Bryant Park sign.
To narrow this knowledge gap, we started a pilot program to communicate each day's activities in one unified place. Check out our "Today in Bryant Park" sign, located at the 42nd Street and 6th Avenue Heiskell Plaza entrance. On the sign, which is updated daily, you'll get a comprehensive list of everything the park is offering that day. Now, all the guesswork is removed!

We think these signs are helpful to the public, and are exploring ways to expand the implementation, including adding them at more locations throughout the park, and a longer-term digital solution.

The sign is located at Heiskell Plaza.

Like the signs? Love them? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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