Thursday, September 17, 2015

Guttman Community College Commemorates Class of 2015

We've spoken before on the blog about how to order a chair plaque, and how appreciative chair plaque recipients are of their thoughtful gift! Here's how a park neighbor approached giving chair plaques.

In June, park neighbor Guttman Community College decided to honor its graduating class by purchasing plaques on 25 student desks. The inscription, pictured below, reads: "Supporting student achievement in a thriving, sustainable New York City." The chairs themselves are a very sustainable gift, as we have an innovative program to preserve the chairs through careful maintenance, reducing chair waste.

It is very fitting that the college chose to put plaques on student desks, which are used for our language classes and writing workshops.

The college is located across 40th Street from the park, and has floor-to-ceiling windows in its first-floor student lounge that look onto the park. With the college's close proximity, it is certain that Bryant Park is an important part of a Guttman student's experience.

Members of the Class of 2015 and college president Scott Evenbeck posed with the chairs in the park. Like all chair plaque purchases, the student desks are guaranteed to be in the park for at least one year.

Members of the Guttman community enjoyed a photo shoot outside on a beautiful early June day.

Chair plaques are a great way to commemorate important anniversaries, lives well-lived, and appreciated students!
Chair plaques are available for purchase 24/7 at the Bryant Park online shop.

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