Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Scarves that are "Found But Not Lost"

Join New York City's only beginner outdoor knitting class for the final two sessions of the season. Today and next Tuesday, stop by the Upper Terrace Gravel from 1:30pm - 3pm to enjoy free needles, wool, and instruction from Knitty City.

You'll learn to knit scarves, either starting your own or continuing work started by a fellow knitter. The end product of this community knitting effort is scarves for both adults and children that will be used in our "Found But Not Lost" initiative hosted with Knitty City. Scarves will be placed around Bryant Park during the cold winter months for a person in need to take. The goal is to create at least 70 scarves by the time winter rolls around.

This tag will be affixed to completed scarves in the Found But Not Lost program.
Though it is difficult to imagine cooler temperatures now, people will be very grateful for your gift when winter inevitably returns!

Bryant Park Knits
Through August 25
Tuesdays, 1:30 - 3pm
Upper Terrace Gravel, across from BP Cafe

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