Monday, July 20, 2015

Reading Room Cliffs Notes: Week of July 20

Reading Room Cliffs Notes is the essential guide to what's going on in the Reading Room for the upcoming week. The "Flashback" section captures a highlight from last week, while "Foreshadowing" gives a full list of the upcoming week's events. Make a visit to the Bryant Park Reading Room presented by HSBC a plot point in your week!  

Flashback to Poetry with Poetry Society of America 
Caroline Randall Williams reads a selection of her original works 
Over 100 people came out Tuesday night to hear the Poets of the Poetry Society of America read some of their latest works. Caroline Randall Williams,whose first collection of Poetry, Lucy Negro Redux, just came out in June, started off the night with a high energy, while Patricia Smith, author of six critically- acknowledged works of poetry closed the night with powerful poems about current societal issues.

Foreshadowing for the Week of July 20

12:30am: Reel Talks- Westerns in Film 
Lively and entertaining commentary on Picnic at Hanging Rock
With resident film expert Scott Adlerberg and Author Megan Abbott

10:30am: StoryTime
Cali Co Cat with tails, meowsic, and arts & crafts to boot!

12:30pm: HSBC Sustainability 
Gentlemen Bankers
Susie Pak, Gentlemen Bankers: The World of J.P. Morgan
Hosted by Mary Pilon, The Monopolists

7:00pm: Word for Word Poetry welcomes Song Cave Press
Featuring the Poets of Song Cave Press:
Jae Choi
Thomas Meyer
Emily Hunt
Hannah Brooks-Motl

12:30pm: Word for Word Author presents Romance Authors 
Hosted by Joyce Lamb, Happy Ever After, Curator & Blogger, USA Today
Robyn Carr, Four Friends, Never Too Late
Kristan HigginsThe Best Man, In Your Dreams
Elizabeth HoytDearest Rogue
Beverly JenkinsFor Your Love, Destiny's Captive
Susan Elizabeth PhillipsHeroes Are My Weakness
Meredith WildHardwired 

Gotta love it! Harlequin, Avon, and Forever authors dish on their best-selling romance novels.
The first person to say "Romance Authors" to the Reading Room Coordinator at the event will win a free copy of the book.

7:00pm: Word for Word Non-Fiction presents Martha Hodes, Mourning Lincoln 
Martha Hodes, Mourning Lincoln 

Produced in partnership with New-York Historical Society

7pm: Word for Word Writers Short Story 1.0
Pen your own story, poem, or screenplay, at writers workshops guaranteed to improve and perfect.
Pre-registration required. 
Facilitated by Miranda McLeod, MFA, NYU

12:00pm: Word for Word Kids
Erin Lee and the Up Past Bedtime Band

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