Thursday, July 2, 2015

Food Trucks on Fifth: Phil's Steaks

We ate at Phil's Steaks, one of a rotating schedule of food trucks participating in our Food Trucks on Fifth program.

Vendy Award "Rookie of the Year" truck Phil's Steaks is a great way to chase away the Monday blues. Comfort yourself with their authentic Philly cheesesteaks.

From left to right: Provolone steak, whiz fries, and a pepper steak wit' whiz, fried onions, and provolone.
There are some true Philly touches, starting with the Amoroso's rolls that the steaks are served on. Anyone from the cheesesteak capital of the world knows that a good sandwich starts with the bread, and that Amoroso's is the best for soaking up all the steak's juice without falling apart. The menu uses all the correct cheesesteak terminology, from the famous "wit' or wit'out," which means "with or without" certain toppings, and "whiz," short for "cheese whiz," an essential topping of a classic cheesesteak. Even the truck's name itself, Lil' Jawn, uses Philly slang.

The truck is named "Lil' Jawn." For those who don't know, "jawn" is a Philly colloquialism that can be used to replace any noun; it means something close to "thing."
The cheesesteaks are as authentic as you can get without being in the City of Brotherly Love. The provolone steak wit' fried onions was as savory, juicy, and classic a steak as you could want. The pepper steak went a little further afield with the toppings, but as everyone knows two kinds of cheese are better than one. The pickled hot peppers added a delicious textural and flavor variation, making the steak sing. We alternated bites of both steaks with whiz fries, which are unmissable. Think of combining the best parts of fries (crunchy, salty, golden) with the best part of nachos (cheese whiz) and you get the idea.

With Phil's Steaks, we're now looking forward to Mondays!

Food Trucks on Fifth: Phil's Steaks
Mondays, 11am - 7pm
South side of Fifth Avenue Terrace

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