Monday, June 8, 2015

Reading Room Cliffs Notes: Week of June 8

Reading Room Cliffs Notes is the essential guide to what's going on in the Reading Room for the upcoming week. The "Flashback" section captures a highlight from last week, while "Foreshadowing" gives a full list of the upcoming week's events. Make a visit to the Bryant Park Reading Room presented by HSBC a plot point in your week!  

Flashback of the Week: Family Drama Novelists with Reading with Robin Radio Host, Robin Kall 
From left to right, Robin Kall, Charles Dubow, Lisa Genova, Mary-Beth Hughes and Matthew Thomas.
Novelists Charles Dubow, Girl in the Moonlight, Lisa Genova, Inside the O’Briens, Still Alice, Mary-Beth Hughes, The Loved Ones and Matthew Thomas, We Are Not Ourselves discussed their latest novels about the highs and lows of family drama. 

Before the event we got the inside scoop on Robin and Lisa.

What punctuation do you overuse? 
Robin: I totally overuse !!!!!   I am working on it! I also overuse :)
Lisa: No. Really? You use one of your five questions to ask this? Who cares?

What author do you wish was your 7th grade English teacher?
R: Judy Blume of course!
L: Junot Diaz. Smart, passionate, and wildly entertaining.

Lisa's book Still Alice has become a New York Times best seller and box office phenomenon. While the book is fascinating, it couldn't have been easy writing about such a terrible disease. Here is what inspired Lisa to write her next novel Inside the O'Briens:   

L: My first year out of college, I worked as a lab technician in a neurobiology lab researching drug addiction. I was 22 years old in February 1993 when the scientists down the hall began celebrating. They had just isolated the genetic mutation that causes HD. I remember getting very still, the goosebumps on my arms, knowing I was witnessing a historic moment in all of neuroscience. Only one thing causes HD, and these scientists had just discovered it. Surely, there would be a cure for HD. It is now 22 years later, and we still don’t have a treatment or cure. I decided to write Inside the O’Briens to hopefully create some much needed awareness and urgency about a disease most people know little about.

Foreshadowing for the Week of June 8

12:30pm: HSBC Sustainability: Aspirational Investor 

Ashvin Chhabra, CIO Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, The Aspirational Investor: Taming the Markets to Achieve Your Life’s Goals

7pm: Word For Word Poetry welcomes Penguin Books 
Classical Poetry from the Ancients
Aaron Poochigian, Jason and The Argonauts
David Hadbawnik, The Aeneid

New editions of historic literature from our western literary tradition to give us new insights to these classical texts.

12:30pm: Word for Word Author welcomes Peaches 
Hosted by Lorraine Ali, Senior Writer, Los Angeles Times
Cult-music idol talks about her work and new book with photos by Berlin-based photographer, Holger Talinski. 
The first person to say "Teaches of Peaches" to the Reading Room Coordinator at the event will win a free copy of the book. 

12pm: Word for Word Kids presents Big Jeff Music Live! 

Stay tuned as other Reading Room programs begin later in the season. For the entire season's lineup, visit the Word for Word page

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