Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Lilies Flourish Throughout the Park

Lily season is upon us at the park. Asiatic Algarve Lilies are blooming throughout the planting beds, some reaching 4 feet tall. A smaller number of yellow day lilies can be found in the planting bed on the north side of the lawn.

Over the next several days, the pink and yellow lilies will cede the spotlight to white Casablanca lilies. Keep an eye out for the magnificent white blossoms!

A macro shot of our Asiatic Algarve Lilies. The lovely pink color contrasts beautifully with the orange-yellow pollen. But beware, the pollen stains are difficult to remove from clothing!

The lilies are top-heavy, so Brian from our horticulture staff stakes them to bamboo poles for support. 

Yellow day lilies sport charming freckles. 

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