Tuesday, June 9, 2015

First Kubb Tournament of 2015 Season

One exciting addition to our roster of events this summer is three Kubb tournaments. These tournaments, held every two months, allow our Kubb area to expand from its nook at the Sixth Avenue steps outward to the lawn. Kubb is meant to be played on real grass, not turf, so the expansion is a step toward tradition!

Our first Kubb tournament took place several weeks ago. Unfortunately, the grass had been showing some early signs of distress, so we avoided the lawn to allow the grass to receive some TLC. (For more on our careful maintenance of the lawn, check out this blog post.) The tournament was moved to the lawn's gravel perimeter. While the surface wasn't lush and green, the players had plenty of fun.

Those who turned out for the Kubb tournament proved that Kubb is a ton of fun, no matter what surface you're playing on!

Another benefit of moving off the Kubb area in the park is that we have the space to build a regulation-sized field. The Kubb area is slightly undersized, as far as Kubb fields go!

We fully expect the following tournaments to take place on the lawn, barring wet weather. 

To sign up, visit our Eventbrite page and sign up as a team of between 2 and 6 players. Enter the players' names in the name field. Players on a team should not sign up individually; one registration is good for the whole team. Registration goes live a month before the event, so check out our Eventbrite page around June 29 to register for the July 29 tournament. 

Congratulations to the winning team, Chris and Tre! They each won a trophy and a Bryant Park Baggu Tote Bag
While you're at it, check out the other events we have going on at the park and register! We have public tours, ping pong mixed doubles tournaments, drawing classes, structured play classes, and more!

July 29, September 30
6pm - 9pm
The Lawn 

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