Friday, June 26, 2015

Behind the Scenes: Play Along with our #BPFilmFest Trivia Tweets

The HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival presented by Bank of America started on Monday, June 22. The largest Film Fest crowd in recent memory came out to enjoy a screening of Ghostbusters (1984).
Approximately 9,000 people, some dressed in Ghostbusters costumes, joined for the first of 10 evenings of free outdoor movies. 

The on-the-ground excitement of the Film Fest continues online for the duration of the summer. The #BPFilmFest Trivia series challenges our Twitter followers with trivia questions from that week's film. In the run-up to the Film Fest premiere, our Twitter followers answered questions about Ghostbusters. 

Trivia buffs and movie buffs will find the perfect diversion while waiting for the films to start. Click on your choice of answer. 

The interactive image will let you know if your choice was correct. 

We have on-the-ground reminders, so play along as you wait for the films to start! 

Join us this Monday for The Killers (1946). Description below:

Burt Lancaster, the acrobat-turned acclaimed actor starring in his first film, is a former boxer fleeing his checkered past on a cross country journey with a double-crossing dame (a sultry Ava Gardner). Based on an Ernest Hemingway story and directed by Richard Siodmak. A flawless film noir. (1946) 97 min. (NR) Universal

Mondays, June 22 - August 24
Lawn opens at 5pm

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