Friday, May 29, 2015

Meditation, Two Ways in Bryant Park

It is too easy to let the stress of New York City wear you down. Over the years, we've steadily built an arsenal of free classes at the park to fight this fatigue. Bryant Park Yoga and Tai Chi have both been in the park for over a decade, helping New Yorkers reconnect with themselves. This summer, two new classes are being added to the roster. With guided visualizations and walking meditation, this will be the most centered and mindful summer New York has ever seen!

On Tuesday, June 2, join us for the first of a summer of meditation classes with Ziva Meditation. Yoga was designed to ready the body for meditation, so the meditation classes are scheduled directly after our Tuesday morning yoga sessions at 11am. Finish your yoga practice on the Upper Terrace, then join Ziva Meditation on the Fifth Avenue Terrace (just on the other side of the New York Public Library) for a half hour of guided visualizations. Emily Fletcher, the force behind Ziva Meditation, promises to help you find your bliss, become more productive, and sleep better. 

On Wednesday, June 3, join us for the first session of a summerlong Walking Meditation class. This class, presented by the Shinnyo Center for Meditation & Well-Being, translates fundamental Buddhist principles into experiences that can be accessible to anyone in contemporary society. The Walking Meditation classes will begin at the Upper Terrace gravel (across from the Bryant Park Cafe) with opening remarks and instruction; then, the class will conduct a slow and mindful turn about the park. With the Walking Meditation class, you'll have already had a powerful experience by the time you go into work!

We are thrilled to add these two powerful classes to our public offerings, and hope to meditate with you in the park this summer!

Meditation: Guided Visualization
with Ziva Meditation
June 2 - August 25
Tuesdays, 11am - 11:30am
Fifth Avenue Terrace, south side

Walking Meditation
with the Shinnyo Center for Meditation & Well-Being
June 3 - September 30
Wednesdays, 8:30am - 9am
Upper Terrace Gravel, across from the Bryant Park Cafe

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