Friday, April 3, 2015

Redesigned Events Brochure Hits Racks

More color arrives in the park every day. Recently, a burst of color was added to our brochure racks as our newly redesigned brochure system made its debut.

Our old brochures were comprehensive, but with that comprehensiveness came an issue with size: the brochures were nearing book length! In an effort to make the brochures more useful (and more appealing to take with you), our graphic designers worked with our events and operations departments to re-think the brochure system.

This year, we've slimmed down the brochures and divided events by category. That way, you can take brochures about what you're specifically interested in, and leave the rest!

The brochures look great in the racks.
As always, the brochures are available online too. They are on the right hand side of our events calendar, and on the sidebar on this blog. Click the images on the right for the full brochure PDF.

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