Thursday, April 16, 2015

100,000 Daffodils Bloom Simultaneously

Anyone who has been to the park recently has probably admired our 100,000 daffodils (also known as narcissus) that bloomed nearly simultaneously. Look closer and you'll notice that the selection goes well beyond classic yellow daffodils, with magnificent shades of white and orange thrown in and a variety of flower sizes, too! Ours is just a small taste of daffodil variety; depending on which botanist you ask, there are between 40 and 200 different daffodil species and subspecies.

Daffodils are in planters, urns, and flower beds all around the park. We have them in a beautiful golden color (known as "spellbinder")... 
...white with pale yellow (known as "ice follies")
...entirely the color of lemon chiffon pie filling

...and white with bright lifesaver-orange centers (known as "geranium").

Tete a tetes are miniature versions of daffodils. They can come with long trumpets in vibrant yellow (known as "peeping tom")... 
...or maintain similar proportions to larger daffodils, with yellow outer petals and orange trumpets.

Are you seeing double? No, these daffodils (known as "fortune") have the same coloring as the tete a tetes above, but are the standard size.

The blooms will last for several more weeks, so visit the park soon to enjoy the view!

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