Monday, March 30, 2015

Tiptoe Through the Tulips (and Watch Your Step)

Anyone who has visited the park recently would have noticed that color has reappeared in the form of flowers. Purple and pink pansies will be taking residence in our planters and beds this week. One hundred thousand daffodil bulbs are getting ready to explode out of the ground; expect buds to unfurl in the next several weeks. We want you to enjoy these visual delights, but as you do, please watch your step!

Dwayne from the horticulture team nestles pansies in a planter.

This extremely snowy winter took a toll on more than just our patience. The frequent freeze/thaw cycle has made some of our bluestone pavers settle in ways that make the ground uneven. Our capital department is hard at work fixing pavers, and we have placed Watch Your Step signs at the worst of the uneven surfaces so that you'll be aware. The park is a beautiful place to look around, but make sure you look down too!

A Watch Your Step sign marks an uneven paver on the Upper Terrace.

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