Monday, March 9, 2015

The Sun Makes an Appearance at Bryant Park

We've been known to have a celebrity sighting or two at the park. Today, we got to see a face we haven't seen for a while: the Sun! Whether warming our lunchtime crowd (the first of the spring!) or melting the ice on our famous frozen Fountain, the Sun is a welcome sight at the park.   
The Fountain's spectacular freeze is nearly all thawed. It looked totally different just a week ago! 

Some early birds enjoyed lunch in the park. It is so nice to see nearly every seat occupied--a taste of what is ahead in the summer!

The ping pong tables were being used this afternoon. Bring your own equipment, or borrow ours starting April 1. All amenities will open on that date!

The tiny white speckles at the corner of the building is melted ice dripping off the roof. The whole world is thawing.  

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