Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Rink Load-Out Is Underway

Bank of America Winter Village closed for the season at 10pm on March 1. The park is entering a transition period as Winter Village is disassembled and removed. Here's a look at what's happening on the ground. 
The rink's refrigeration system was unplugged, and heating units have been turned on to hasten the ice melting. The brown patches on the rink surface are where the ice has fully melted away, revealing the rink's subsurface. 

You'll also notice that the brilliant blue carpet on the skate deck has been removed. 

The graphics that adorned the light towers are packed away for storage. The frames are the next to be disassembled.

The contents of the Skate Pavilion are being removed. The archway that greeted guests entering the Pavilion has been taken down. 

The Pavilion and Celsius' windows and framing are neatly stacked for offsite storage.

The Upper Terrace, where the Tree once stood, is transformed.

This activity signifies that we are well on our way to lawn season!

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