Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Le Carrousel TLC Continues

Bryant Park is a 12-month per year park, with a constant stream of activities and events to keep you coming back. However, in the colder months, we do see dips in attendance at some of our amenities--understandably so, as it is a little bit too cold to sit down and enjoy a book in our Reading Room, or play a leisurely game of Kubb!

One of our amenities that is open year round is Le Carrousel, which also sees a drop in attendance over the winter. These quieter months allow wiggle room for maintenance, so Le Carrousel is in tip top condition for busy summer months ahead. We already blogged about the finial replacement; here is a look into some other work completed at Le Carrousel over the past several months. 

Le Carrousel's rounding boards, the elaborately decorated boards around the top of the amusement, were removed for a deep cleaning. 
The cherubs' faces look much brighter after a good scrubbing. 

The broken finial was removed and replaced with a brand new, stronger finial

Le Carrousel's new tent is unrolled when the ride is closed for the evening or inclement weather. 
Now it's time to purchase a 10-ride discount card and celebrate Le Carrousel's repair!

Le Carrousel
40th Street side of the park
Open daily
Hours of operation vary by month; check our website for more information

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