Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Bryant Park Celebrates St. Patrick's Day with a Display of Green

At most times of the year, Bryant Park is decked out in green. From our lawn to our trash cans, the park is often a sparkling emerald. On today, St. Patrick's Day, we took a walk around to see just how appropriately dressed the park is for the occasion.

Daffodil shoots are poking their heads above ground in a sure sign of spring.

Our park signs are green. Signs placed around the park offer information on rules and park history, and serve as a home for our brochures. Keep an eye out for our Spring 2015 brochures, which will debut in the park in the next several weeks.

Our award-winning, tulip-shaped trash and recycling cans are green in color and sustainability. To learn more about other "green" efforts at the park, check out these blog posts

The Lawn isn't green yet, but it will be soon. Grading of the dirt will begin this week, and the sod will be installed after grading is completed.

The Green, on the 6th Avenue side of the park, is the home to Putting Green and Kubb. All park amenities open April 1, so mark your calendar! 

Saving the best for last, our iconic Bryant Park Bistro Chairs are the symbol of the park. The chairs and tables add approximately 5,000 pops of green in the park!

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