Monday, March 16, 2015

A Coincidence at the Library Hatch

New York is a smaller town than most people realize. Coincidences and chance run-ins happen on every city block. Here is an interesting coincidence that happened at the park!

Many of you know that underneath the Bryant Park lawn lie millions of books from the New York Public Library's collection. As part of fire code, there is a set of stairs leading up from the stacks, located on the Fountain side of the lawn.

This escape hatch needed a cover on it, so Bryant Park called on the expertise of Bilco, a fabricator of access products (including doors). Bilco sent an engineer by the name of Won Suhr to the job site, and he helped design and fabricate the hatch. The hatch, which included the names of donors of the park's 1992 renovation, was only meant to be temporary, as there were plans in place to buy a more permanent bronze door.

Won Suhr on his first visit to the park, in the early 1990s.
Well, the purchase of the permanent bronze plaque was delayed for various reasons throughout the years. The temporary cover was replaced as needed, most recently in 2012. And guess who Bilco sent to the worksite? You guessed it, Won Suhr! After we realized that he had helped fabricate the very first plaque, naturally we had to capture the moment with a photo. 

Won Suhr good-naturedly posed in the same position as he had nearly 20 years previously. 
So, next time you see the library hatch, think of Won Suhr!

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