Thursday, February 12, 2015

What Happens When a Bistro Chair Needs Repair?

Each year, our 4,000 iconic green bistro chairs experience heavy wear and tear. The wooden slats and metal crossbars take a beating from exposure to the elements and from the thousands of people who sit on them. As a result, chairs take on a lovely vintage look (and are available for purchase through the Bryant Park Shop).

As Sanitation and Hospitality workers make their daily rounds, they keep an eye out for chairs that are broken or damaged. The most common problem is loose or broken wooden slats across the back or seat of the chair. Damaged chairs are taken to our Park House, on 40th Street, for repair. Often, slats from a chair damaged beyond repair will be harvested and installed in another chair that needs only a few replacement slats. As a result, some of our chairs sport parts from many different chair generations.

This chair repair program helps to save money on re-ordering chairs, thus freeing more money that can be put into free public programming and events. Plus, recycling chair parts makes the chairs "green"-er!
Park worker Joseph Rice is one of several staffers who maintain the chairs. Here, he fits a new slat into a chair, making it good as new. 


  1. how many chairs in 4000 are needed to repaired in a year?

  2. About a 1,000 break per year. Some can be fixed and some can't, but we try and repair as many as possible.

  3. Where do you find new slats? What type of wood are they made from?

    1. We use slats from broken chairs that can not be repaired!