Friday, February 13, 2015

The Fountain Has Frozen...Too Well

The recent cold snap, which still has another two weeks to go, has made some incredible photo opportunities at our frozen Josephine Shaw Lowell Fountain. Seeing the photographs on social media is a treat, and we get a kick out of seeing the Fountain's icicles change from day to day.

Unfortunately, all this beauty is causing the Fountain pain. The weight of the icicles is putting undue strain on the Fountain's granite bowls. This hasn't been a problem in past winters, because the temperature has fluctuated enough for some of the icicles to melt off, but this year's prolonged freeze means that layers of icicles have been building up for the past several weeks. Each drop of frozen water adds more weight to the Fountain's structure.

The strain is endangering the structural integrity of the Fountain, so we'll be turning the water off so that new icicles do not form. Don't worry, we'll be turning the water back on when Mother Nature warms up enough that the Fountain has thawed and handling a safe weight of ice
The Josephine Shaw Lowell Fountain wears her icicles well. 

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