Thursday, February 5, 2015

MidCity News Celebrates 1,000 Issues

We celebrate the 20th year and 1,000th issue of MidCity News, your source for event information and public space updates on 34th Street and at Bryant Park.

In response to a board member’s request for regular reports about the management of the park, the staff at Bryant Park Corporation and 34th Street Partnership decided to institute a weekly newsletter. MidCity News made its debut on November 27, 1995 and has continued to be published every week since then.

Previously, board members learned about the progress and achievements of our organizations via annual financial reports and, in the case of 34th Street, a short-lived “Shop Talk” newsletter. We quickly realized that a newsletter with wider release was a great way to connect with the public and draw in a wider range of visitors from throughout the city. MidCity News began with modest numbers, but now our subscriber list has grown to over 20,000, from every corner of the globe.

Photo: Angelito Jusay
Reflective of our organizations’ mission to make consistent improvements in New York’s public spaces, the MidCity News format has changed over the years. It began as a one-page fax and then, for a time, we emailed two versions, a Word document and a PDF, to recipients. In 2009, (Issue 692 on March 27, to be exact) we changed to a digital format accessible immediately by email. 200 issues later, on January 30, 2013, we further upgraded to the current graphic format which includes articles and links to provide readers with essential information needed to enjoy our parks to the fullest.

This is an excerpt from Bryant Park's weekly newsletter, MidCity Newswritten by Terry Benoit. MidCity News keeps park enthusiasts informed about our events, milestones, operations, and all of the detailed maintenance work that goes into caring for the park. Weekly updates are sent with our sister organization 34th Street Partnership

You can view this week's edition of MidCity News online, or sign up to receive it in your inbox. 

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