Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ice Bites Review

Here's a fact: ice skating is exercise. Ergo, you need fuel before, after and between laps around The Rink. This isn't rocket science!

Lucky for you the lovely people of Bank of America Winter Village came to this conclusion and made extra sure that a very appropriate grub station is available to each and every skater. Ice Bites is the friendly, fast and simple snack bar located in the Pavilion. You won't miss any of the Rink action, either--there is a great view of the ice from your perch at Ice Bites.

A few food items from the Ice Bites menu
The fare is what you have to come expect from an ice skating rink food kiosk. Lots of melted cheese options, yummy pizza, grilled cheese, hot dogs, chili, ooey gooey nachos... But never fear health nuts, this stand has something for everyone including veggie wraps and a selection of salads. (Or, enjoy the caloric indulgence and go to FitClub.)

Delicious and cheesy pepperoni pizza
OK, so I made the obligatory healthy plug, now back to the good stuff. If you are anything like me chocolate is the base of your nutrition pyramid, so to be completely honest, the best in show is their super fudgie, very chocolaty, chip filled brownie.

The Brownie
So kids, if you are only allowed one item, get the brownie.

Oh, and there's popcorn. Who doesn't love popcorn?!

The Rink
Daily, 8am - 10pm

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