Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Food at the Fountain: Wafels & Dinges

A selection of our Holiday Shops have remained open to provide food in the park through March 1. We're thrilled to host Mmm...Enfes, Chimney Cake - The Rolling Pretzel, and Wafels & Dinges on the Fountain Terrace.

Follow your nose to the 40th Street side of the park, where Wafels & Dinges produces some of the most incredible dessert waffles you're ever going to encounter. It should come as no surprise that Wafels & Dinges was named Zagat's Number One Food Truck in America.

The wafels are incredible on their own, but the "dinges," Belgian for "toppings," really take the dessert over the edge. 
The kiosk's bright yellow is inviting and just the encouragement you need on a gray day to venture outside. The warm waffles do not disappoint--golden brown and warm, fluffy on the inside with a great sugary crust on the outside.

What goes together better than warm wafels, a fresh snowball, and a frozen Fountain? 
To the left is the "De Turtle Wafel" with dulce de leche, walnuts, and chocolate fudge. To the right is the "De S'mores Wafel" with mini marshmallows, spekuloos (cookie butter spread--absolutely delicious), and melted chocolate fudge.

The bright yellow kiosk serves as a beacon to deliciousness. 

Be sure to follow Wafels & Dinges on Twitter: each day there is a new way to win a free dinges for your waffle. We're going with speculoos every time. 

Wafels & Dinges
40th Street Allee
Daily 11am - 8pm
Through March 1

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