Friday, January 16, 2015

Food at the Fountain: Chimney Cakes - The Rolling Pretzel

A selection of our Holiday Shops have remained open to provide food in the park through March 1. We're thrilled to host Mmm...Enfes, Chimney Cake - The Rolling Pretzel, Wafels & Dinges, and Pizza Moto on the Fountain Terrace.

After sampling Mmm...Enfes and Wafels & Dinges, it only felt right to drop by the Chimney Cake kiosk on the Fountain Terrace to sample their delicious "rolling pretzels". 

Nutella-filled chimney cakes on the counter of the kiosk - who could stay away?
Chimney Cake - The Rolling Pretzel offers a variety of different treats - both savory and sweet. You can choose the size, outer flavor and inner filling when ordering, so the options are seemingly endless.

For my first chimney cake, I wanted to start off savory, like I would with any well balanced chimney cake meal. I chose one covered in sesame seeds, both salty and sweet at the same time. The perfect way to start off an all together unbalanced but delicious meal.

Each chimney cake unrolls, making it really easy to share with friends
Next, I picked a cinnamon sugar chimney cake lined with everybody's favorite spread: nutella.

What's better than a warm, nutella-filled treat in front of a freezing fountain?
Other filling options include peanut butter and cookie cream, but of course our personal favorite has to be nutella. Next time you're on the Fountain Terrace make sure to stop by the Chimney Cakes - The Rolling Pretzel kiosk to choose your favorite filling.

Fountain Terrace
Daily 11am - 8pm
Through March 1

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  1. hi, do you still have chimney cake at this location?