Thursday, January 1, 2015

Bryant Park's Very Own New Year's Resolutions

Yesterday, we told you all the ways that Bryant Park can help you keep your New Year's Resolutions. For transparency's sake, we reveal the park's own resolutions, here, so you can help keep us accountable in the New Year!

This year, Bryant Park resolves: 

Not to be squares
The Third Annual Bryant Park Square Dance saw a festival atmosphere and expanded activities, including children's crafts and a mechanical bull. 

To stay in our chairs
Our Second Annual Musical Chairs was a huge success, with 600 people playing along. The event overtook the lawn. 

To cover our mouths when we burpee
Participants in Boot Camp with The Rise NYC do an exercise called "burpees." Join them every Wednesday morning at 6:30am.

Not to spin a yarn
Knitting lessons with Knitty City occurred Tuesday afternoons in the summer. 

To communicate well with others 
This photo from the summer depicts our Japanese lessons with inlingua.

To better juggle our responsibilities
Bryant Park Juggling is a year-round activity. 

And, not to get bent out of shape
Bryant Park Yoga, 2014, in partnership with Athleta, YogaWorks, and flavorpill, had record-breaking attendance this year, topping off at 1,123 participants. 


  1. j'adore briant park et j'aimerai y revenir un jour. ce lieu respire la sérénité malheureusement c'est tres loin de la france

  2. The yoga classes are great. Hope there is more square dancing next autumn. The piano series is the best event by far.