Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Shop the Season: Follow Your Nose

Sara from the executive office follows her nose around Bank of America Winter Village and writes a letter to Santa about her findings. 

Dear Santa,

You know how I work long hours, right? Somehow, walking my dog in the evening doesn't quite unwind me like it used to. I need something more persuasive to help me loosen up. In the event that you can't find me a live-in masseuse, I've outlined some aromatherapy products that might do the trick--

-Sabon (kiosk J1) is four times the size of a regular shop in the Winter Village, so there's plenty to choose from if you're feeling really wild. Ms. Claus probably wouldn't mind if you spiced up the North Pole winter with the citrusy Tropic-scented bath scrub; your hands must get rough from holding those reins. I prefer the delicate fragrance of rose in the salt-based body scrubs, myself.

-At Organically Yours, MistTea (kiosk J14), I asked Amit, the clerk, for the most potently-aromatic tea in stock. Fortunately, he had vials of all the varieties lined up for a good sniff. Leading the pack was Chai Masala, which is nothing like your usual chain-store latte. (Santa, I saw that takeout cup you left behind in 2013.) It was richly spicy and earthy; I would be tempted to tuck a bottle into my desk drawer just for its transportive qualities. It would make a good stocking stuffer.

-Our very own Bryant Park Shop (kiosk F9) advertises a scent that is familiar to me: lily and London plane (by our Winter Village neighbor, 5th & Madison, kiosk B2). As a candle, it hints of warmer weather and the first blooms of spring. I think it is just the thing I need to keep me going til picnic weather returns.

Santa, listen, I know you're terribly busy, but I would be thrilled with any one of these items. I mean, until you can pin down the masseuse.

Still on the nice list,

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