Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Shop the Season: Plant Therapy

Maureen from the executive office learns some plant parenting tips at the Bank of America Winter Village.

I love having plants around me. I have them at home and on my desk at work. Liking plants, however, does not mean I am good at taking care of them. I have killed every type of plant you can imagine: herbs, ivy, even cacti have died on my watch.

This pathetic plant currently on my desk used to have dozens of leaves, all of which have fallen off. 

A woman at her wits' end, I stumbled into The Garden of Curiosity (kiosk K4), which sells a variety of succulents. I have always liked succulents; their miniature size and quirky curls give them a personality very much like my own. Plus, I'd heard they're easy to care for. I figured if the greenthumbs behind the kiosk couldn't help me stop loving my plants to death, I should give up and start a rock garden. 
The succulents are sold in a variety of formats: suspended from the ceiling in charming glass enclosures, emerging from a slate tile attached to the wall, and planted in hollowed out birch tree trunks.

The proprietor was super friendly and listened without flinching as I enumerated my rap sheet of crimes against flora. She suggested that I was over-watering my plants, and that her succulents only needed a bit of water once every two weeks. Instead of letting me feel bad about my plant care capabilities, she assured me that in fact my hypervigilant watering indicated that I probably had the potential to be a good plant mom. 

The succulent plantings are micro-environments with pleasing color and texture. I half expected that a fairy would peek out from behind a leaf in this presentation.

I immediately felt better, and looked around the shop, which suddenly seemed to be filled with possibility. Instead of cowering from me, I felt the plants' curly leaves embrace me.

The shop's goods range in size and price point, so you'd be able to find exactly the succulent arrangement you've dreamed of. The shop owner can also whip up an arrangement on the spot.

The shop's most petite offering, mini cacti, are sold inside keychain fobs. The key fobs come in two sizes; the smallest sized cactus can live for two years in its plexiglass dome until it needs to be re-potted in the slightly larger dome. Proud owners can water their cactus once every two weeks by setting the base of the key fob in a bottle cap filled with water.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, the largest pieces in the kiosk are absolutely showstopping. These pieces are twisted tree trunks topped with custom-fitted, hand-blown sea glass bowls in which a succulent is delicately placed. These works are one-of-a-kind and would make a breathtaking display on a coffee table. 

I will certainly be going back to the kiosk for further parenting advice on the newest (and hopefully, longest-lived) addition to my plant family.

Welcome, little guy!
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