Wednesday, October 8, 2014

T-Minus Two Weeks Until Winter Village

We are just under two weeks from the official opening day of the Bank of America Winter Village. Here is an update to show you the progress we've made, and to help you understand the changes you're seeing in the park.

This aerial photo shows the progress that's been made throughout the park. It's really looking like a rink now! To the top left, you can see that Celsius, the seasonal pop-up restaurant, is well on its way to reaching its two-story height. The Skate Pavilion will rise from the deck to the right of the rink. 

Framing the Celsius walls is well underway.

The white stripe extending from the center of the photo toward the right is the dasher boards, which provide a barrier between the rink and skate deck and ensure you don't skate off-course. 

The skate deck, which surrounds the rink, is nearly complete. Soon, it will be overlaid with outdoor grade carpet in a beautiful inky blue color. The skate deck provides a place to observe the skaters carving lazy circles into the ice, or a pleasant place to sit down and enjoy treats from the Holiday Shops. 
The Holiday Shops along the 42nd Street Allee have been framed. It's really starting to look like a Winter Village around here!

The Fountain Terrace has been cleared of tables, chairs, umbrellas, and planters in preparation for Holiday Shop load-in. Those movable elements will be replaced once load-in is complete. 

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