Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Shop the Season: Pickles for Everyone

Stephen from our executive office conducts his annual review of Pickle Me Pete, his favorite Holiday Shop at Bank of America Winter Village

It’s that time a year again; a favorite holiday shop of mine, Pickle Me Pete, is back with delicious pickled treats. The Pickle Me Pete kiosk is located on the east side of the fountain, at kiosk C13 on the Winter Village brochure map.

Pickle Me Pete is back on the Fountain Terrace until January 4. 
Pickle Me Pete, as you might imagine, specializes in pickles. These pickles are not your typical grocery store bought jar pickles. Yes, there are classics such as Full Sour, Half Sour, and Bread and Butter, but there are also unusual flavors like Wasabi, Ridiculously Spicy, and even Fried Pickles.

The fried pickles are a great combination of salty, crunchy, and creamy (from the ranch dressing that comes on the side, of course). 
The Ridiculously Spicy pickle is a great novelty gift for spicy food lovers. I do not think it’s possible to eat more than one Ridiculously Spicy pickle in less than a half hour. I fed some unknowing coworkers slices of the Ridiculously Spicy pickle and their faces said it all. My favorite pickles are the Half Sour flavor, as they've always been my favorite kind. They remind me of a delicatessen I used to go to for a pastrami sandwich when I was a little kid. So when given the opportunity I like to pick up the spot-on Half Sour pickles at Pickle Me Pete.

The half sour pickles have the slightly salty snap that is the signature of a quality pickle.

Pickle Me Pete’s flavors:

Sweet Chipotle Chips
Bread N Butter
Small Horseradish
Small Half Sour
Large Kosher Dill
Small Kosher Dill
Super Spicy
Ridiculous Spicy

Pickled green tomatoes are also available.

Prices for pickles are as follows:

Quart containers , mix and match - $7
Small pickles – 4 for 3 or $7 a quart
Large pickles - $2 each or $7 a quart
Sliced pickles - $3 cup or $7 a quart
Ridiculously Spicy - $3 each or $10 a quart
Fried Pickles - $6 per skewer

Pickle Me Pete also has apparel to show your pickle pride. From T-shirts, sweatshirts, to even a pickle Christmas ornament.  Be sure to check out Pickle Me Pete’s website at http://picklemepete.com/ and like them on Facebook.

Pickle Me Pete
Open daily
Weekdays, 11am - 8pm 
Saturdays, 10am - 9pm
Sundays, 10am - 6pm 
Kiosk C13

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