Thursday, October 16, 2014

Less Thank A Week Left Until Winter Village Opening Day

We updated you on Bank of America Winter Village construction about a week ago, so you're due for another briefing. As you can see, the rainy weather isn't putting a damper on our busy preparations for the Winter Village.

Opening Day is next Tuesday, October 21. Get those skates out of the back of your closet! And don't forget to check out and stay tuned to the blog for the latest and greatest in Winter Village happenings and information.

The entry pylons, located at park entrances, are in place to greet guests and give information about Winter Village.

Do you recognize these decals from a returning Holiday Shops favorite? Yep, Max Brenner Chocolate is back in its usual spot, kiosk I2 on the 42nd Street side of the park. Over the next week, other Holiday Shops will start customizing their kiosks.

Celsius is fully framed, and wall installation is partially complete. 

The skate entrance has gained its signature arch. The walls on either side leading to the Pavilion will receive a charming graphic treatment shortly. 

The Celsius roof is being put to good use today, as it keeps the rain out of the soon-to-be restaurant. You can also see some colorful dasher boards have been installed, and the light towers to the left of Celsius have been installed; they will illuminate the rink. 

The Josephine Shaw Lowell Fountain is fully framed by Holiday Shops. Imagine the warm light spilling from the Holiday Shops and making the water in the fountain dance and shimmer.


  1. Pretty pink flowers in the you know what kind they are? Do the arrangements ever change, or are they the same year after year?

    1. Hi Erica,

      We keep the displays generally similar through the years, adjusting based on species' past performance and predicted climate patterns for the year to come. If you'd like to learn more about our horticulture, check out the Horticulture button on the right hand side of this blog -- all our blog posts about Horticulture are archived here. ( Hope this helps!

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