Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bryant Park Holiday Shop Merchandise Sneak Peek

If you follow us on Facebook, you saw recently that we've released a brand new Bryant Park Shop product: the Winter Village Tote Bag! The tote is both sustainable and stylish; made from recycled banners from last year's Winter Village, the tote comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Each of the totes is as unique as the snowflakes that fell upon the Winter Village last winter!

The Winter Village Tote Bags come in a variety of patterns, from abstract to illustrated faces. 
And now, introducing a product so new that it isn't even online yet...the Bryant Park Seasonal Magnet Collection! The four magnets feature Bryant Park icons - the lawn and chairs - during both summer and fall. A response to Bryant Park shoppers who clamored for small mementos from the park the magnets are travel-sized. The Bryant Park Seasonal Magnets are truly a gift for every season and every occasion!

The magnets feature the park's finest features at the height of summer and winter. 

You'll want to stay tuned to the blog as we release new products in time for the winter season. The products under development will nearly double the Bryant Park Shop's offerings and feature a variety of gifts for all tastes!  

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